To gain without pain, is to triumph without glory.

Yes,i found this phrase interesting.When you wanna do good in life,all you have to do is to always try,and try,and keep on trying until you achieve your goal.I know that i'm not that good either but let's just raise our hands and make Du'a so Allah will bless our life.InshaAllah.

Growing up

As all of you know,i'm officially 17 by 28 August.There you go,i'm one year older now.Do you know what saddens me?It's because,whenever i grew older,my parents are too.And soon they will be leaving me,and i don't want that to happen.I love them so much,i just didn't know how to show my love towards them.But i really do.If i only had the chance to be real close to them before i entered college,i would.Growing up may be the best experience to some of us but for the others,growing means much more pain and burdens have to be carried on.And that means you will lose your freedom,basically.Let's get straight to the point,what i want you guys to do is,always remember that Allah will always stay by your side and no matter what happened,He will always stay.Allah is the most merciful after all.

Japan's Student Exchange

Konnichiwa!So by that word you'll know that it's Nippon-Go.Yeah,i'm joining a program handled by OISCA for an educational visit to Chuubu,Japan.The program started from 9 December 2012 to 19 December 2012.It cost me about RM7000 for the visa and flight ticket,we're not under a scholarship.Everyday,there will be a Nippon-Go class for four hours,2 hours each.I bought a Gundam model at a shopping mall nearby on my first day

!Oh my god it is half the price compared to Malaysia.And i was like,i should buy this,well maybe couple of these.Now is 13th December,and i basically missed the 121212,yeah i MISSED it.I think i'll be regretting this,or i will be enjoying this.Everyday,every hour,every minute,every second,i'm missing you.I mis you so much.I miss my parents,i miss my friends,i miss my special ones,and i miss 'her'.But i'm good here,thanks for the messages,whatsapp messages,bbms,and tweets asking of how i am doing,i really appreciate that!Thank you!So i'll be updating my news from Japan on Twitter,and if i had time,On Blogger too.Feel free to check it out.I'll end this words now,Assalamualaikum.Sayoonara.


Hi,I'm Adi,Still Adi Iskandar.

It seems like time has passed through unnoticed.I'm still here,in MRSM Taiping.But with a new life,Alhamdulillah.Everyone kept giving me advises and help me to get through all this problems.Thanks for that,i wish i can repay you in any other possible ways.Guys,Seveners,Maresmartians and all of my very loyal friends and fans,I love you fuys so much!And i won't forget you guys,insyaallah.

The 50/50 moment of my future.

Hey there, missing me already? Haha I guess it's a no :) I'm no one.but here's my story,I'll not be a student of MRSM Taiping anymore,inshallah.Yeah,I think this is the best decision I can make for now,to get out of's not that the school sucks,it's me :) I'm not suitable of living there.yes,it would bring me to a better future,a better life.but let me say it clearly,I'm not comfortable there,I wish I never enter that that's it,I'm leaving.Assalamualaikum.


When I was very little,I always think of  myself as a prince.Yeah,I'm in a world where i can do everything and anything I liked.And I will always try to do something new,sometimes the new thing that i do affect a big part of my whole life.I used to run round and round,playing here and there and eat whenever i wants.It was a very happy life back then.But now I realized,the world has changed a lot,I never ever find myself in a very hard place like this.Being here as a student of MJSC Taiping,is a really huge challenge that i need to overcome.With all the trouble and burden here,all i can do here is to isolate myself.But being here,It really changes me.I hope I can get out of here.
Hey,as you were reading this,you will know that my life is getting worse and worse as each day passes by.the sad life just go on and on,as if there is no hope at all.but it's okay,life must go i will go on that's it,i'm off.Assalamualaikum.