Growing up

As all of you know,i'm officially 17 by 28 August.There you go,i'm one year older now.Do you know what saddens me?It's because,whenever i grew older,my parents are too.And soon they will be leaving me,and i don't want that to happen.I love them so much,i just didn't know how to show my love towards them.But i really do.If i only had the chance to be real close to them before i entered college,i would.Growing up may be the best experience to some of us but for the others,growing means much more pain and burdens have to be carried on.And that means you will lose your freedom,basically.Let's get straight to the point,what i want you guys to do is,always remember that Allah will always stay by your side and no matter what happened,He will always stay.Allah is the most merciful after all.