Japan's Student Exchange

Konnichiwa!So by that word you'll know that it's Nippon-Go.Yeah,i'm joining a program handled by OISCA for an educational visit to Chuubu,Japan.The program started from 9 December 2012 to 19 December 2012.It cost me about RM7000 for the visa and flight ticket,we're not under a scholarship.Everyday,there will be a Nippon-Go class for four hours,2 hours each.I bought a Gundam model at a shopping mall nearby on my first day

!Oh my god it is half the price compared to Malaysia.And i was like,i should buy this,well maybe couple of these.Now is 13th December,and i basically missed the 121212,yeah i MISSED it.I think i'll be regretting this,or i will be enjoying this.Everyday,every hour,every minute,every second,i'm missing you.I mis you so much.I miss my parents,i miss my friends,i miss my special ones,and i miss 'her'.But i'm good here,thanks for the messages,whatsapp messages,bbms,and tweets asking of how i am doing,i really appreciate that!Thank you!So i'll be updating my news from Japan on Twitter,and if i had time,On Blogger too.Feel free to check it out.I'll end this words now,Assalamualaikum.Sayoonara.