The Story Of Me

Hey I am Adi Iskandar,you can call me Adi or Iskandar,or Adi Iskandar!Whichever sounds better.A happy go lucky person,I was born on 28th August 1996 in Ipoh,Perak.Being sixteen is awesome.I'm very hard to understand.Choose to love will always be better than hate.I never easily give up on something i really want.Never Say Never.Well,i'm a man and I want to be a superhero so yeah.I am a normal guy who love to stare at the sky.My vision is the sky.I fell in love with every single girl i met,as a friend of course.yes,I love you so much :) Some things don’t last forever, but some things do. As it stands now, the thing as far as myself have been getting better eventhough I was left with a broken heart.Even though love is hard,I will always keep on searching for my true love.Some may hate me while some will love me.But I love the way I don't pretend to be someone I'm not just to impress anyone.If you hate me,I'm okay.It's your own decision.But i won't hate you :) And yes,I love all of my friends.I am not either too close to perfect or far from perfect.I dream big.